Why the Brodhead Service Program?

Why Brodhead?

I decided to participate in the Brodhead Service Program because I wanted to do work which benefited my tribal community by utilizing my skillset as a documentarian. While media is sometimes overlooked as a way to improve community wellness, to promote tribal soverignty, and to create positive policy change, I have learned from my incredible mentors that the media plays a crucial role in creating a positive difference for Indigenous peoples across Native America.

My personal philosophy on civic engagement internships is to do no harm. I believe this is especially important because, as interns, we will be fundamentally learning more than we are giving back. Thus, it was important for me to work an unpaid internship this summer which was made possible through the Brodhead Service Program.

I also belive that it is crucial to involve the community in every aspect of the documentary process. In the past, I have worked for the Duke Gardens Equity Through Stories Program where I learned to involve Indigenous elders and tribal governments in every step of the creative process to produce documentary work that aligns with a collective vision for empowerment. This became another motivation to participate in the Broadhead Service Program: to work within my tribal community to tell our own stories of healing and empowerment.